Campus & services

USI runs a number of Service offices that support students in a variety of situations.
Here you can find a comprehensive list of Service offices at USI.

University Library Services
The Library offers its services to everyone interested to read up in the areas of study corresponding to the Faculties of Architecture, Communication, Economics and Informatics. The library offers various multimedia tools and a comprehensive periodical collection. It also provides photocopying services and individual study spaces.

Study Advisory Service
The Study Advisory Service aims at supporting and accompanying students in the choice of a study programme.
The Service provides detailed information to prospective students, organizes open door events to present USI’s educational offer and is available through the entire academic year to discuss students’ educational options via email, phone, or personal appointment.

International Relations and Study-abroad Office
This office supports USI students who wish to make the experience of exchange terms at other Institutions.

USI Career Service
USI’s Career Service aims at fostering exchange and contacts with the professional world, and at acquainting students with the working environment, thus making the transition from the academic world to the workplace easier and more successful.

Sport Service USI/SUPSI
Created to raise the awareness of faculty, staff, and students to the importance of sport, this service promotes and organizes various sporting activities and events. The Service aims to create the right premises making it easier for everybody to access and practice his or her preferred physical activity.

The Lugano campus
Located in the heart of Lugano, this Campus hosts the USI Faculties of Communication Sciences, Economics and Informatics, as well as the University central administrative offices and library. The Faculty of Theology, which is not part of USI, is also housed in the campus.

Both the city centre and Lake Lugano, with the beautiful Ciani Park on the shore, are within walking distance of the Campus. USI students can thus enjoy the best of what Lugano has to offer: a high quality of life within one of the most picturesque landscapes in Switzerland.

The nucleus of the Lugano Campus is an ancient neoclassical palace, which originally housed the city hospital. With the growth of the University, new, modern buildings have risen around it, among which are the library, the Aula Magna (capable of hosting over 1,000 people), the red building (classrooms), the LAB, devoted to research and individual study, and the Informatics Building.
The Campus buildings host offices for faculty and staff, classrooms, computer labs accessible 24/7, a cafeteria, and several areas for individual and group study. The Campus is not only a place for studying, but also one of cultural exchange. In the green areas around the buildings and in the ample, newly refurbished canteen, students can meet and befriend people from around the globe.

The Lugano campus map

  1. Main Building The building houses the Faculties of Communication Sciences and Economics, the Executive Centre, classrooms, faculty offices, computer and technical laboratories, study rooms and several administration offices.
  2. Central Block The cafeteria and the Auditorium are located in the same building, and are accessed through the main building. The cafeteria is located on the second floor and the Auditorium on the third.
  3. Lecture and seminar rooms / “Red Building” Informally known as “Palazzo Rosso” (Red Building), this building consists of several classrooms with a total seating capacity of ca. 1,000 students.
  4. Informatics Building This new facility accommodates classrooms, offices, laboratories, study spaces and administration offices of the Faculty of Informatics.
    Offices in Via S. Balestra
    Due to the growth of the Faculty and to the consequent shortage of space, a group of professors, together with about thirty researchers, have moved to new office spaces near the campus, in Via Serafino Balestra 22a and 22b. The relocation is temporary, in view of the new Lugano campus which is being built in Viganello.
  5. Main Lecture Theatre (“Aula Magna”) The conference hall of the Lugano campus.
  6. Library The library is dedicated for the Faculties of Communication Sciences, Economics, Informatics and Theology. It runs a multimedia and an extensive periodical section. Here, students will also find photocopiers and individual study spaces. For more information please visit the library’s website
  7. LAB / “Glass Building” The Lab is a space dedicated to the Institute of Computational Science.
  8. “Blue Building” This building accomodates most of the institutes and research centres of the Università della Svizzera italiana.
  9. Lambertenghi Building This building houses the Rectorate, the Institute of Italian Studies (ISI), and some of the university’s core services.
  10. Maderno Building Set a few hundred metres away from the Lugano University campus, in the building in Via Maderno 24 we find several offices and the Institute for Economic Research (IRE) of the Università della Svizzera italiana.
  11. Via Balestra 22 The offices in Via S. Balestra 22 are home to professors and researchers of the Faculty of Informatics.