FAQ: Here are some common questions about the Software and Data Engineering master.

FAQ: Here are some common questions about the Software and Data Engineering master.

FAQ: Here are some common questions about the Software and Data Engineering master.


Do you offer these degrees as part-time studies as well?

All our Master’s programmes are full time, attendance to interactive teaching activities included in the curriculum – such as seminars, laboratories and ateliers – is mandatory. Teachers who request students to attend their lessons as a requirement for admission to the exam, will inform students at the beginning of the semester.

Is it possible to work besides studying?

It is allowed to work up to 15 hours per week.

Please note that the residence permit for study purposes does not grant students automatic entitlement to paid employment. Therefore, international students regularly registered in an academic degree programme at a university in Switzerland need to obtain a specific authorisation from the competent offices before they start working. No such authorisation, however, will be issued in the first 6 months of a student’s stay.

Do you offer distance learning/e-learning programmes or is there any way to allow me to enroll without attending full time?

All our Master programmes are full time and taught on campus. We do not offer distance learning.


Are the degrees issued by USI recognised internationally?

The study curricula of all four Faculties comply with the European university system according to the Bologna Process.


I have not yet graduated, can I apply?

It is possible to send the application if you are still studying your Bachelor, but your final admission will be subjected to some conditions. You should pass all your exams by September and discuss your final paper by the end of the calendar year. Please specify when you plan to discuss the final paper in your application.

Is the GMAT required for admission?

GMAT is not required for the Master in Software and Data Engineering.


Do I need VISA and/or residence permit before applying?

Students from EU / EFTA countries do not need a visa to enter Switzerland. Students from non EU / EFTA countries must request a student visa from the Swiss embassy or consulate in their home country before entering Switzerland. All the necessary forms are available at the Swiss embassies and consulates. To start this process, candidates must be in possession of a letter of admission from the Università della Svizzera italiana. It is recommended that students from non EU / EFTA countries apply for admission as early as possible. Students will receive their visa to enter Switzerland only at the end of the process. Please note that a tourist visa is only valid for three months and cannot be exchanged into a residence permit after arrival in Switzerland. Students need to apply for the student visa on their own and in due time. The visa procedure may take between one to four months, depending on the residence country. For more information on entry visas for students from non EU/EFTA countries, please refer to the federal office for migration, the representatives of Switzerland abroad or the cantonal authorities. Student must submit application for their residence permit after the enrolment confirmation letter issued from the Faculty Dean’s office at the moment of registration.

Will there be an admission test?

No, there are no admission tests, admission is determined by a candidate’s application dossier.

Should I send a 'Euro pass' CV or do you accept other formats?

We accept CVs in any format.

How do I write a good application letter?

In the motivation letter you should explain in detail:

  • Where your interest for the Master comes from
  • Which area of the Master interests you more
  • What are your professional expectations.
  • etc…
Is it possible to apply for more than one programme in the same application form?

You can apply to up to two programmes in one application form. Please mark your first and second choice.

For the application dossier, do my documents have to be notarised with an apostille?

For the application a simple photocopy of the documents is sufficient, whereas for the enrolment students need to provide the documents notarised with an apostille.

Do I have to pay the registration fee? If so, how much is it and when do I have to pay it?

Subject to the payment of the registration fee are candidates whose previous degree studies were completed in countries outside the Lisbon Convention (see list on www.msde.usi.ch/application-process/). These students are invited to pay an application fee of SFr. 100 accounting for the higher administrative costs of processing more complex files.

If the candidate is admitted, the fee will be deducted from the amount of the tuition fee for the first semester. The administrative fee is not refundable in other cases: if admission is not granted, if the candidate decides to withdraw or if he or she fails to matriculate.

The registration fee is to be paid prior to posting the documents and a photocopy of the proof of payment has to be attached to the application dossier.

Is there another way to pay the registration fee than bank transfer?

The registration fee may be credited to the account of the Faculty in question. There is no other way than bank transfer.

Can I pay the registration fee in a currency other than Swiss Francs?

100 CHF must be credited to the bank account, if you prefer using a different currency, please keep in mind the exchange rate and eventually exchange taxes.


Do you offer a spring semester intake?

Yes, students can start their studies in the Spring Semester. The evaluation is carried out by the Academic Directors.

Fees and grants

Can I apply for the Foundation for the Lugano Faculties of USI scholarship if I do not have my Bachelor degree yet?

The the Foundation for the Lugano Faculties of USI Master’s scholarships are awarded on merit, based on the final grade of your Bachelor degree.
Therefore, it is not possible to apply for the scholarship before you graduate, meaning that, in order to apply you must graduate before the scholarship application deadline, July 31st.


I am studying a Bachelor in English, do I need a certification as well?

No, if your Bachelor degree has been taught in English you do not need further certification.

I do not have an English certificate yet, can I apply?

Yes, but specifying when you will be able to provide the English certificate. You will be admitted on condition that you provide the English certificate before the beginning of the semester.

I do have an English B2 level certificate but it is not one of those mentioned in the website (IELTS; TOEFL; CAMBRIDGE), can I apply?

No, we only accept applications with official certificates such as IELTS, TOEFL, Cambride and TOEIC.