The Master in Software and Data Engineering features courses taught by internationally renowned professors, being leading researchers at the USI Software Institute.

The teaching philosophy implemented throughout the Master aims at preparing and facilitating the student’s process of self-learning and self-acquisition of valuable knowledge and skills. Students master core design thinking processes, learning  how to analyze a problem, define different solution strategies, analyze trade-offs and take a suitable design decision taking into account relevant constraints. Students learn valuable lessons while facing real world datasets to be explored and prove themselves by building the software to do so.

All courses promote a mix of theory with practice, featuring a hands-on, learning-by-doing approach, with short-/long-term projects in which students apply what they study to concrete problems and datasets taken from the real world. Students are also expected to substantially improve their collaboration, presentation and communication skills, thanks to the public project presentations planned for most of the courses.

Academic Director: Cesare Pautasso
Co-Director: Gabriele Bavota

“Studying at USI means studying in an international environment with top-quality teachers and excellent infrastructures. The Informatics program at USI teaches innovative technologies using a project-based curriculum in a friendly environment with a small students/teacher ratio.”

Student Luigi Frunzio

“Lugano is a small city with an international touch in the middle of Europe, close to nature and with a wonderful climate.”

Student Jesper Findahl

“The project-based learning curriculum is what I liked the most. This allows students to gain a lot of practical experience and be ready for the future.”

Student Luigi Frunzio

“I like the combination of interactive lectures and practical assignments because I think it has helped me learn better and given me a solid foundation for my future career.”

Student Jesper Findahl

“Professors are really knowledgeable, kind and always open to discuss any idea or doubt students may have.”

Student Luigi Frunzio

“USI is a multicultural university which offers a unique academic environment. The professors are highly qualified with wide experience at international level.”

Student Talal El Afchal